Saturday, September 23, 2006

Todays Art

This weekend there was a big art festival going on in The Hague. All kinds of performances, films (projected on the sides of buildings) installations, visual arts, dance sculpture etc. are being displayed all around the city. Basically exactly what you would expect from an art festival.
I was asked by one of the organiser if I had some work I could show. And I had some lying around, but the finished result of my work is always a digital file. So granted it wasn't exactly lying around, bu tI had some. So we decided to have it printed on big-size printer. The prints came to 110 X 145cm. I would have liked them to be even bigger but that's as wide as te printer would go.

These illustrations aren't really all that recent. I did them a few years ago, but the public hadn't really been exposed to them so I thought it was ok to get them out.

There's a few more of these weird kids on the way. Right now I'm working on a blind nurse with a seeing-eye cat, and there plans for two more brewing.

I'll show some of the progress on that nurse on the next episode of the BOLTblog.
'Till then, in the words of the legendary Don Pardo: sweet dreams and happy tomorrows...

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