Monday, November 21, 2011

Gus typography

Good friends had a baby boy, I decided to write his name. I liked the name and can always use the practice.
I made it all nice a blingy...
Hope you like.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Dyzack's Mangy Soul

I designed a sleeve for the new album, by my friend Dyzack, named "This Mangy Soul".
We decided to have it printed on a genuine old Heidelberg letterpress (with some hot type for good measure).
I don't have any pics of the end result yet (as it only officially came out today) but I shot some video on the day we were printing.
Made a little promo:

Get the album at Dyzack's site.

Check it out in full HD at my vimeo account.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I just posted a new film/music experiment on my vimeo page. You can watch it here too, but on vimeo it's all HD and stuff.

Shot and edited on the evening of May 22nd of this year.
One of the family rituals that takes place in my house every day.

I used my Olympus PEN2 with a 35mm Canon FD lens.
Music was done in ableton using samples from a piece called "Darha Nopigom" as it was performed by Byungki Hwang (it's tradional Korean music)

Oh and in other news... you can now 'like' BOLTgraphics on Facebook... if you're into that kind of thing.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ganbatte Nihon

I did another t-shirt design for and this time it's actually about something.
I will send all the proceeds of the sales to the Dutch Red Cross Japan relief fund (giro 6868) and the kids and Limitedtshirts told me they will match what I make and donate that too.
Please go to, register and vote... and buy the t-shirt!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Austrian Tradition

Last month I spent a week's holiday in the beautiful town of Ehrwald in Austria together with my wife, our daughter and my in-laws. This being the first time I was ever in the Alps in the winter I was very impressed by all the natural splendor the country had to offer.
Besides all the beauty, food, snowboarding and 'gem├╝tlichkeit' though, the thing that I was also really impressed by was the many pieces of the hand-painted signage on many of the buildings there.
Of course most used the nice texturas, frakturs and bastardas you'd expect in this part of the world, but there were also a few nice more modern pieces.
Here are a few of the nicer examples (in my opinion).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3D + sound

As you might have noticed in my last few posts I've been getting more and more into animation/motion graphics and lately I've spending quite a bit of time in Cinema 4D.
Here's a simple little experiment in sound-triggered animation (I made the music in Ableton Live 8).

As this is all self-schooling any input is appreciated.

ps: best to watch it in HD on VImeo by the way...

Scissors & Spice

Here's a blog that might interest you, if not for the (to quote the description) "clever crafting, comforting vegetarian and vegan recipes, perusing [of] well designed housewares, fabric, paper goods, vintage finds and unique clothing, getting creative with your children and appreciating the cuteness in the world around us", then at least for the fantastic piece of hand-lettered type.

The blog is run by Eva Lynn Barber and the type is from the hand of her husband and my friend Ken Barber.
Check it out, it'll make you smile.