Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just finished another short animation (notice how they keep getting simpeler and simpeler). After the last two animations I wanted to do some more typographic animation or, as people also tend to refer to it: 'motion graphics' (lame term).
This one is sort of a test and to get some more practice in, before I start on something a bit more challenging (and original), which I have brewing in the back of my sketchbook.

On the web there are a lot of kids doing these typographic animations using movie scenes as a guide. It's a pitty nobody really does anything original. Anyway I wanted to find out how long it would take me to make someting similar, well design and animate it that is. I didn't use a movie soundbite, and synching it up to something like that would cost quite bit of time (I guess) but I did this in a little over half a day.
Just a bit of fun.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I just finished another animation. Lately I've really concentrating on my animation skills and trying to get them into some kind of shape.
So this latest animation is based on an illustration I did a few years ago. It was for a poster to promote some event (can't really remember the specifics), showing a step by step visual guide to opening up an oyster shell. The style had to be like the way those "in-flight safety" cards on airplanes are done.

I quite regularly get asked to do illustrations and/or designs in a similar style, so I thought: "why not offer future clients the option of this sort of thing in animated form too?" Plus, most of the work for this animation was already there: the drawings and graphic elements.

The only thing was, as I realized when I was working on the thing, that I wasn't really going to leave me with a very interested animation to watch. And it has to be somewhat entertaining if you want it to have a bit of promotional worth. Anyway I added a little twist to the story (if there really is a story to speak of...)

Friday, September 05, 2008

New website

It's been a while in the making, but today it finally happened! My new website went up today.
A new design and a nice blog sort of feature on the front of it.
Don't worry, this blog isn't going anywhere. I put that feature on my site because it's a quick and easy way to get little news items on there. I will be putting the more in depth and 'process' posts up here.
I also put up a few new pieces, some of which you might have already spotted here.
I'm still working on making sure I got all the typos and bugs out, but besides that... here's the new BOLTgraphics website!