Tuesday, September 05, 2006


For some reason I never doodle doodles anymore.
When I draw without thinking I draw heads and faces. Usually they all look alike which is very annoying, but sometimes some gems pop out. Here are some of the shinyer ones.

I use red and blue pencil for everything (not just drawing) mainly because it doesn't smudge or get your hand (as) dirty.

Are you starting to notice a pattern yet?

I think I should force myself to try some different angles.

Wasn't that riveting?
And imagine these were the more shiny gems... imagine the blandness of all the other crap I fill my sketchbooks with.
Next week... drying paint.


JC said...

great use of space in your sketches, and the technique and use of color is also engaging.

Bas said...

Takes me back to the days when we all drooled over your sketch books. Awesome drawings.