Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Digging for type....

Every type -nut (and you know who you are) is familiar with the dusty smell of old secondhand bookstores. Every type-nut (go on, it's ok to admit it) knows that special feeling of when they find that little book or card or poster that will soothe their craving just long enough to last untill the next visit to the bookstore/market/attic. Every type-nut (yes you are) will always be a type nut....So I was on my knees going through the bottom shelf of the typography section over at my local bookpusher, when I came across the book "Lettering Today" by John Brinkley.
Published in 1963 by Studio Vista, it shows a whole range of hand-drawn type and calligraphy by mainly European designers (among others Gerrit Noordzij, Max Caflisch, Chris Brand and Hermann Zapf). It was just what the doctor ordered to still my hunger...
Here are few hits.

Bookjacket by Hans Tisdall (original in several colors)

Bookjacket by Hannes Jähn (original in red and black)

Book jacket by Herbert Lindgren

Not sure but I'm guessing this one is by John Woodcock, another book jacket

Lettering for a book jacket bt Frau Inge Gack

Three elegant little bookplates by Will Carter, Will Carter and Francis Minns respectively.

It's awonderfull book get it if you can, it's full of wonderfull type and lettering. Apart from where is veers of into some hideous viny-plotted seventies signage... Anyway keep your browser locked to this station because I'll most likely post more of this stuff in the future.

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Ray Frenden said...

Wow. Those are fantastic. This is penguinx from Drawn! Our linework has some similarities and I dig your stuff muchly.