Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Type added

A while back I posted something about a t-shirt design I was working on which had 3 caricatures on it....
See it here if you must.
Anyway I still needed to the lettering.... so I did.
I tried out a few different styles but soon enough arrived at a chunky script which was loose yet bold enough to correctly balance out the whole piece.

The on on the left (the lazy option) was too fascist looking. The other one to scrawny (and wobbly for that matter).

For the final version I did some sketches using a brush, which I have never done before. I've been practicing my brush-scripts, but I never actually used it.... well I haven't really used it this time but it helpful to kind of study the shapes and then base drawings on them. Just to make my lettershapes a bit more natural. One day I just have to retouch and scan in my brushed work, but seeing as I'm a clumsy lefty that day won't be tomorrow soon...
Anyway check out the sketches and the subsequent result.

For the "Noordwijk's own" and "TATTOO" I used the 'Poster' from the Housemovements collection (which came free with the House Industries Book). Did the trick beautifully. Don't you think?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Easter Garage Sale!!!

On April 7,8 & 9 we'll be holding a garage sale!
It's the yearly reoccuring art-show by some of Amsterdam's finest low-brow artist. This year I've been asked to also take part. A great honour, but I really have to scramble to get some work together.
At the same time there's a show in a different part of the city in which I also take part (Ars Macabra Hollandica: see my previous post) so all of a sudden I needed new stuff to show. I can't bear showing old work so I'm working on all new pieces.
Well on one I've been already working for a while. The painting I've posted on earlier which I'll do more posts one later and hope to finish in time for the show.
One little side project which is going to be part of the Garage Sale Art Sho(p)w is a series of 4 23x23 cm Piƫzo-(a.k.a. giclee-)prints by every participating artist. Those will be available for a great bargain: only 50 Euros!!
Anyway here's my entry:

I started this thing years ago. Well the drawing of the girl and the inks too. But I abandoned it after I did a really shabby 'experimental' coloring of it. So I decided to re-color it for this occasion, and put it to a background (which I did for this especially. sure kids, there's none of that 'graphic-ornaments-stock-book-with-CD-inside' bullshit going on here).
I did one thing I don;t usually do which is blur the background and add blurry shadows and stuff. I works... sort of.
Anyway, I hope you like it (you can come and buy one) and if you don't, let me know why... you miserable bastard.

Monday, March 05, 2007


In April this is one of the shows where some of my work will be on display...
Grand-opening: April first.
This is the flyer, which was done by Erik Kriek (also curator of the exhibition).
The front:

aaaaand the back: