Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3D + sound

As you might have noticed in my last few posts I've been getting more and more into animation/motion graphics and lately I've spending quite a bit of time in Cinema 4D.
Here's a simple little experiment in sound-triggered animation (I made the music in Ableton Live 8).

As this is all self-schooling any input is appreciated.

ps: best to watch it in HD on VImeo by the way...

Scissors & Spice

Here's a blog that might interest you, if not for the (to quote the description) "clever crafting, comforting vegetarian and vegan recipes, perusing [of] well designed housewares, fabric, paper goods, vintage finds and unique clothing, getting creative with your children and appreciating the cuteness in the world around us", then at least for the fantastic piece of hand-lettered type.

The blog is run by Eva Lynn Barber and the type is from the hand of her husband and my friend Ken Barber.
Check it out, it'll make you smile.