Sunday, June 22, 2008


As you could have read in the previous post, there are now two shows on in Amsterdam with some of my work in there. One has smaller drawings and the other has some of or rather all of my paintings... Two you already know about, but here's a sneaky peak at the other two.

They are sort of a couple because apart from being the same size and have similar style in images, in both I am sort of exploring the same techniques. I started with a background wash of two or three very transparent colors. Then I put on the drawing (using an overhead projector) again using transparent loose paint, mixing two colors. Then I partially detailed and worked through certain parts of the piece.

The goal was to get some dynamic or 'movement' and depth into the things using composition and color... I know it reads like some of that typical artsy-fartsy bullshit but that was the goal. Not sure if I really succeeded but they are a lot more interesting then what I did with some of the paintings that went before. It was a good learning process.

Here are the paintings. The shots are of about half way and the final result.

The show will be on untill the 3rd of July.

Friday, June 13, 2008

2 for 1

It's been a while since my last post, sorry about that, but my wife and I took a little trip. About which I will post more later.
This post is blatant self promotion... uhm wait every post is blatant self promotion I guess. But next week there will be two art shows that my work will be a part of.
The first one is the "Prints & the Revolution" show. It opens on the 19th of June. And I will show some old works ("the Clown" and "SCUM") and two new paintings I'll post about later too.
The other show is the "Garage Sale" opening on the 20th, and there I'll be showing a bunch of drawings. All new.

Here are the flyers with all the details. Hope I'll see you there.