Monday, March 28, 2011

Ganbatte Nihon

I did another t-shirt design for and this time it's actually about something.
I will send all the proceeds of the sales to the Dutch Red Cross Japan relief fund (giro 6868) and the kids and Limitedtshirts told me they will match what I make and donate that too.
Please go to, register and vote... and buy the t-shirt!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Austrian Tradition

Last month I spent a week's holiday in the beautiful town of Ehrwald in Austria together with my wife, our daughter and my in-laws. This being the first time I was ever in the Alps in the winter I was very impressed by all the natural splendor the country had to offer.
Besides all the beauty, food, snowboarding and 'gem├╝tlichkeit' though, the thing that I was also really impressed by was the many pieces of the hand-painted signage on many of the buildings there.
Of course most used the nice texturas, frakturs and bastardas you'd expect in this part of the world, but there were also a few nice more modern pieces.
Here are a few of the nicer examples (in my opinion).