Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We could be heroes.

And now for something completely different.
Every once in a while I love to go on little excursions into styles and techniques I normally stay away from or not get a chance to get into.
This time Erik van Blokland from Letterror asked me to help him on a project for the Andreas Hofer Museum in Süd Tirol, in Italy (it's an Austrian part of Italy.. sort of).
Andreas is a folk hero in those parts and the museum wanted to show how heroes are often not made by their own actions, but more by how their actions are perceived, interpreted and recounted by the public.
So we made a hero factory, showing all kinds of heroes, from the historic to the modern and all their fans / makers.

I did all the little characters and Erik did the building and the type (he also made some nice little videos for the same exhibitions)

Here are all the hero-makers:

And these are all the heroes... can you name them all?

And this is the end result (click the pic for a closer look):


kumokumo said...

Geweldig! Kende deze stijl inderdaad nog niet van je :) Erg gaaf.

IEF. said...

Schoon schoon! Goed concept... IEF.