Friday, February 27, 2009


These are a few illustrations I did for the magazine Zeilen [Sailing]. The article, titled 'de Nachtmerrie' [the Nightmare] was the true story about a young Dutch sailor traveling around the Caribbean islands where he got found himself blackmailed (over a bogus poker debt) by Colombian gangsters to transport a shipment of drugs to Europe.
It's a harrowing story and the poor guy is now locked up in a French jail, where he can't even defend himself in court for fear of retributions as even in prison the gangsters threatened to harm his loved-ones if he were to testify.
Anyway... the illustrations; the first one is the main one, the other three are fillers.


Erik Kriek said...

Mooie illo's Martijn! Grappig ook om te zien hoe zo'n opdracht na vele omzwervingen (ik was ook gevraagd, en Chris Visser ook, lord knows wie nog meer) uiteindelijk bij jou tercht komt. Mooi kleurgebruik en gewaagde composities!

Vicki Kuehnel said...

Hi there, loving your work...Have you got a contact number or email. I am from a small creative agency in the UK, london bridge and would love to talk to you about a gaming idea we think you would be perfect for.

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Hope to hear from you