Friday, April 04, 2008

Sketches are drawings too...

As some of you (but only some) might have noticed, an illustration I did was published in the Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu last week. It was a portrait of strong arm to Dutch crime boss Willem Enstra and somewhat ironically named Geurt Roos (for all you non-Dutchies his names sort of translates into Smells [like] Rose). I was asked to do the portrait because they only had a really bad photograph of the guy and they liked a portrait I had done of musician Pop Levi.
So I did a sketch for them to approve... and they came back with not only approval of the sketch but they wanted to actually use the sketch instead of a 'final inked version (like the Levi piece) because it fit the new style of their mag better.
It was a nice surprise, were it not for the fact that I had (somewhat over confident) already inked the thing... oh well. I cleaned the sketch up a bit, but it went in the magazine almost unchanged... Maybe I spend too much time on my sketches?
Here's the stuff I did for the mag plus a quick scan (unpolished) of the inks.


Anonymous said...

what type of gun is that

Anonymous said...

what materials did you use, what was your method?

BOLTgraphics said...

Well, I used (non repro-) blue and red in a 0.5 mechanical pencil for the sketches, and I believe I used the Pentel XGFKP-A Brush Pen, but when I have a bit more time a I also use a W&N series 7 Kolinsky sable brush (nr. 3 mainly). And dr. Ph Martin's hi-carb black ink.
At the moment I am mostly inking on Canson "illustration" or Bristol paper.

Oh and I think that gun is a Desert Eagle .50 (not really into guns, I just googled 'big hand gun' for reference).