Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Fever!!

It's been out for a while but as the Football World Cup is in full swing at the minute, I thought I'd show you this now.
Barcelona based ad-agency Vasava was commissioned by 55DSL and Panini to come up with a line of shirts (as part of a bigger campaign) to celebrate the World Cup and Football in general.
They invited artists from around the world to represent their country in a t-shirt design. I of course came out for the Netherlands.
We were free to do whatever we wanted with the only restriction being the use of colors, they had to be the national colors of out countries.

The idea behind my piece was the one of the boy dreaming of becoming a football star and one day competing in the World Cup.
Here's the sketch:

Inked and colored:

Then client thought they would prefer to have their logos incorporated into the design after all. Which was fair enough of course. Also, it wasn't possible for the fabric to have a color, so that had to become white.
With these amendments this became the final design:

Go buy one at the 55dsl online shop.


Carim LTJ said...

Nice art, I have bought your t-shirt of the 55 DSL brand, I quite like your design for your the Holland national football team support.

BOLTgraphics said...

Thanks mate! Glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

Yo Martijn,

wist niet dat jij een voetbalfan was? :)
Wederom een mooi design.
Keep it up, vind het altijd leuk om je blog te lezen.