Thursday, January 28, 2010

hmmm sugar

Through the power of the world wide interwebs, I have over the years worked with and befriended quite a few people. People I have never met in the real world. One of these friends is Jeff Andrews who interviewed me last year on his Design Inspiration blog.
Then later that same year (it was 2009, I remember it well...) Jeff needed a new logo for one of his other blogs; Sugar Frosted Goodness. He was thinking of something typographic and asked me to have look at it.

So sketching ensued...

After taking a look at these sketches I decided none of these really captured the gooey sugary sweetness the name of the blog demanded. So I decided to go for a more gloopy feel, but I still wanted to keep a strong all be it playful character shape.
Also Jeff had mentioned he would like to see some typographic interwoven..ess, so I did this sketch:

Jeff liked it. I didn't quite yet, but after amending the last S on Goodness and some other little things...

And then it was ready for digitization. And after a bunch of nitpicking and vector-fidgeting this is the end result:

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Jeff said...

Still love it! You rock my friend! Beautiful work!