Friday, February 08, 2008

Adi Dassler's

A while ago I was asked by 180 Amsterdam to hepl them out visualising an animation the were thinking about that gave a little insight into the man behind Adidas; Adi Dassler.
I spent a day with the talented creatives at 180 (Samuel Coleman and Dario Nucci) and after I had handed over my sketches I didn't really hear much about it. As it often goes in the advertising industry.
And then all of a sudden I bump into this on that world wide interweb thing.

It's great to see how it stayed so close to the orignal ideas, something the doesn't happen too often in said industry.
Here are the sketches I did.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Martijn,

Dat is ook grappig.. Wij hebben de site gebouwd en hebben ennFWA gewonnen ermee.. Jij dus eigenlijk ook.. Hoe gaat het verder met je? Heb je het druk?

Groet Daan