Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sneaker Tweaker

Well I have arrived... I finally did just about the hippest thing (or so I'm told) one can do as an artist nowadays.
I cuZtomized a shoe... a sneaker to be exact.
I was asked, together with my friends from StayGold and a guy called Jill, by the organizers of a little art/culture festival called 'Stoelendans' to come and sit in the middle of a dance-floor and doodle on shoes.
It was great fun. The venue was a club that during the day is bar/restaurant and then turns into a throbbing dance/booze/sex extravaganza at night. We were there during the day... rats! As I said we were in the middle of what at night is the dance-floor on couches which was nice enough... apart from the lighting.

So it was really hard to judge the colors... I decides to stick to black, white and red straight from the can.
This was the first time I did this so it was a little bit scary to take a sharpy to some-one else's brand-new virgin white sneaker at first, but my old vandalizing tendencies from my graffiti days came flooding back to me soon enough.
I did take my time though. Jill, a newly befriended veteran shoe-customizer (the guy next to the empty spot on the couch) only did one half of the pair... so he got to do a lot more shoes. He wasn't to concerned with details neither. Big, bold shapes, two colors, real block-buster style. Great work! And a good lesson for me, if I ever get to do it again: don't sweat the small stuff.

The first pair took me most of about 2,5 hours... masking, spray-paint, thinking, doubting, hesitating, some drawing, do a few high-lites and then multiply that be 2 and here's the result.

The second pair went a bit faster. I did them for a girl who wanted something not too 'big' or 'heavy'.
I did simple little ornaments in silver and black, with a flower and a bee on the noses of the shoe (sorry for the blurry inset, something must have gone wrong with the flash I guess)

Anyway it was a lot of fun. A friend of mine to do his classic Adidas shell-toe high-tops, that he never wears (so "I might as well hang them on the wall"). When I finish them I'll post some pics on here too...


Roy said...

Hell yeah we had some good fun there!..Nice results on the sneaks man. I'ma holler at cha soon to do some writing....uhm riding that is offcourse. Peace out---> Roy

stuff said...

Hé Martijn,

Ik heb vorige week mijn schoenen van Willemijn gekregen (Hardcore had ze weer mee terug genomen) en wilde je nog even laten weten dat ik ze echt super tof vind. Ben er echt onwijs blij mee, durf ze alleen nog niet zo goed te dragen, wil eerst een beschermlaag ofzo aanbrengen, weet alleen nog niet zo goed wat. Sander heeft vorig jaar mijn fiets ge"pimp"t ook met zwart/rode background en letters met zwarte outline. Schoenen en fiets matchen dus perfect. Nogmaals many thx en keep up the good work!